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♦ the girl who waited
I'm still alive!

Sorry if you guys thought otherwise. I'm still in California with psylum_atla and enjoying myself here. I hope you guys have all been fine and dandy! I haven't been up to much, just getting used to California and its weather. It's getting hotter here so that's fun! Nothing new has really been going on except writing wise for me. I joined this website that publishes my articles and I've gotten 3 pennies so far XD

If you'd like to check out my articles you can go here.

If you wanna contact me and you have a gmail we can chat there. My e-mail address is: melisjerez@gmail.com. I'll post someday with a real update.

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Oh, you're in California. Wow, which part? I live in southern california. I love it here, but I'm kinda getting tired of the sun. XD

Hope you're having fun! And that's so cool about your articles! I'll check them out. :D

In Northern California, up in Butte County which is an hour or so away from Sacramento. ..I wish I could have some of that sunny weather right about now. It's sort of horrible up here at the moment. DX

Thanks! And I hope you like them. =)

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