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a blueprint of the pleasure in me

part-human, part-time lady
22 October
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The girl who's profile you've stumbled upon is named Melissa. She's currently 20 years old (and thinks that because of this she's going to start growing gray hair soon) and lives in New York City. The dorky love of her life is psylum_atla and has been with him for almost a year now. Studying Psychology in hopes to become a sexologist and wants to travel the world someday. She likes all sorts of things ranging from Politics to Science to Girly Things like Romance and period pieces involving tragic romances. Trainwrecks are fun. Case in point: any show like Degrassi or anything else on The N.

Her favorite shows include Doctor Who, Mythbusters, Firefly, The Soup, Avatar: The Last Airbender, True Blood, Sex & The City, Scrubs, Heroes and LOST. Smallville? Depends on the episode. Favorite movies: In the Mood for Love, The Duchess, Clue, The Great Gatsby, Frida, Moulin Rouge!, Grindhouse: Planet Terror & Death Proof, and Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2. There's most likely more but she can't remember them now.

Favorite Song at the moment: "Electric Feel" by MGMT

Hates: Papaya /joke

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Made by kawari because Aang is, indeed, LOADS of lovin'.

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made by frozen_heat141
Kataang is AWESOME. You can't hate on their epic and transcending LOVE. 地球 【 AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER -- Blog Crew // Aang 空氣

Tsunade → Naruto
Shihouin Yoruichi → BLEACH
Hiragiizawa Eriol → Card Captor Sakura

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