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I am..alive?
♦ the girl who waited
Hello LIVEJOURNAL! How long has it been? A lot has happened since I last graced this...e-universe! I'm in college right now, a Community College called Butte College here in Northern California. I am still living in this small town and wishing for a better transportation system but hey, what can you do? I'm taking a lot of interesting classes this semester, including being part of the HONORS program! I am taking two HONORS classes (one is a science and oy!) but I am having a ton of fun. The only problem is that it's very demanding, but I've gotten the hang of it by now. The semester is ending, and I still have all these papers and whatnot to write. SO I will be busy for another week or so until I have all my assignments done.

I'm reading a lot more, wishing that I COULD write more but alas my writing at this point has been limited to just writing papers, although I do get to practice my wit with them! Well, except for my HONORS7 papers (the science one) which needs to be more...academic? scientific? Whichever.

I am getting into new shows like The Borgias that just premiered today (LOOKS AMAZING). Getting excited over Doctor Who (OMGOMG) AND I got the Sonic Screwdriver that belongs to 11. Woot-woot! I have an AIM: mjerez001 so feel free to contact me there. I also started re-using MSN messenger (or Windows Live Messenger) through my Harusaku@hotmail.com contact. So, feel free to IM me whenever you see me online~! EITHER WAY, I am still that nerdy fangirl-ish chick with punny lines I've just...gotten a little older, broadened my horizons (especially with political stuff and identities etc) and whatnot.

...I still haven't written fanfiction, darn. I long for the days of being lazy and just being struck with an idea. I still get ideas, I write them down, but I haven't really...sat down to write anything. I'll try and do that sometime. For now I will just be buried in homework and frivolous spending!

I hope you guys are doing well, and wish you the best. =) I will STILL be around though, I'm not going anywhere -- I just might update about...once or twice a week or so.

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