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And now, a political word
♦ the girl who waited
It is extremely important that anyone 18+ and is registered to vote, VOTE on Nov. 4. I have all my things ready for when I go on Tuesday. If I have to, I'll take the day off from School. I don't know WHY we have class on that day because I personally believe that most importantly, college students should have the day off so they could vote. Who knows how long the lines may be at the polling place? What if people just don't go because they're pre-occupied with missing class? I've already missed two days for my Tuesday classes and if I miss another one I'll get a warning but you know that?


So don't be afraid and ask your professors the day off fellow college students! If you work, ask for the day off. If I had a car or a means of transportation I would so be in Pennsylvania or Ohio right now. 'Cause I would've loved to be part of the experience. I wouldn't even care if I got punched in the face like that one lady from Wisconsin who was canvassing. I'd just punch the guy right back as self-defense but I digress...



Also, McCain has lost his goddamn mind and Sarah Palin is insane. Why anyone is voting for them makes my mind go "karpaffle!". 

And now, I leave you with a picture of a baby dressed up as a Taco for halloween:


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Wait, wassup with PA and OH? >_>

Rallying up votes for Obama in those two states. A lot of people are volunteering in states like PA and OH, trying to get people to vote blue this year.

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