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I am..alive?
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Hello LIVEJOURNAL! How long has it been? A lot has happened since I last graced this...e-universe! I'm in college right now, a Community College called Butte College here in Northern California. I am still living in this small town and wishing for a better transportation system but hey, what can you do? I'm taking a lot of interesting classes this semester, including being part of the HONORS program! I am taking two HONORS classes (one is a science and oy!) but I am having a ton of fun. The only problem is that it's very demanding, but I've gotten the hang of it by now. The semester is ending, and I still have all these papers and whatnot to write. SO I will be busy for another week or so until I have all my assignments done.

I'm reading a lot more, wishing that I COULD write more but alas my writing at this point has been limited to just writing papers, although I do get to practice my wit with them! Well, except for my HONORS7 papers (the science one) which needs to be more...academic? scientific? Whichever.

I am getting into new shows like The Borgias that just premiered today (LOOKS AMAZING). Getting excited over Doctor Who (OMGOMG) AND I got the Sonic Screwdriver that belongs to 11. Woot-woot! I have an AIM: mjerez001 so feel free to contact me there. I also started re-using MSN messenger (or Windows Live Messenger) through my Harusaku@hotmail.com contact. So, feel free to IM me whenever you see me online~! EITHER WAY, I am still that nerdy fangirl-ish chick with punny lines I've just...gotten a little older, broadened my horizons (especially with political stuff and identities etc) and whatnot.

...I still haven't written fanfiction, darn. I long for the days of being lazy and just being struck with an idea. I still get ideas, I write them down, but I haven't really...sat down to write anything. I'll try and do that sometime. For now I will just be buried in homework and frivolous spending!

I hope you guys are doing well, and wish you the best. =) I will STILL be around though, I'm not going anywhere -- I just might update about...once or twice a week or so.

دنیارابگوییدچطورآنهاانتخاباتمان دزدیده اند
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Tell the world how they have stolen their election.
Keep updated, stay educated.

Interview meme from cypsiman2
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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
3. You post the answers & questions on your journal.
4. You include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else.
5. Add meme perpetuation line, etc.

My Q & A:

1. What was the first the pairing that you've ever shipped?
Uhh. It was back in HS, when I first found out what shipping was. InuYasha/Kagome which I don't really ship at all anymore. :x

2. What was the first story that left you disappointed?

Can I pick a movie? If so, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I wanted Esmeralda to get with Quasimodo. :(

3. What was your focus in high school?

To survive and get a boyfriend! jk jk, that was only half of it. I was focused on passing my classes and working towards majoring in Psychology, which changed into wanting to be a teacher, etc.

4. What's your dream for the future?

My dream for the future is that no matter if I'm working with a good job or a medium job or still in school, as long as I'm happy.

5. How many Pixar movies have you seen? Which ones?

I've seen WALL-E (<33333), Toy Story (both 1 and 2), The Incredibles, Monsters INC, FINDING NEMO <3333, A Bugs Life, and I want to see UP. :)

Writing Meme from Kellz
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

Fandoms: Avatar, True Blood, Doctor Who, LOST, Star Trek(09 movie), Naruto, BLEACH, and Firefly.


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Still in California, loving the sunny weather and the different atmosphere.

Applying for schools and whatnot, both here and back home just in case. I saw the new Star Trek movie and even though I never watched the series I thought it was incredible. I might watch a few episodes of the original to see if I like it.

Also, I finally caved in and joined Facebook. If you're interested, this is me.
Yes, that is a Doctor Who picture but I do have pictures of me in there.

I don't really have much else to say, 'cept that I'm thinking about changing my major from Psych to Journalism (or at least take a Journalism class a semester or two and see if I like it). Either way, Rome was not built in a day so I'll take my time. I'm still 20 after all.

I hope you guys are doing well. :)

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I'm still alive!

Sorry if you guys thought otherwise. I'm still in California with psylum_atla and enjoying myself here. I hope you guys have all been fine and dandy! I haven't been up to much, just getting used to California and its weather. It's getting hotter here so that's fun! Nothing new has really been going on except writing wise for me. I joined this website that publishes my articles and I've gotten 3 pennies so far XD

If you'd like to check out my articles you can go here.

If you wanna contact me and you have a gmail we can chat there. My e-mail address is: melisjerez@gmail.com. I'll post someday with a real update.

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen:
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Here's a video from people in Portland, Oregon after announcing Barack Obama's presidency:

They're singing The Star Spangled Banner.

*Wipes a tear away*




And now, a political word
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It is extremely important that anyone 18+ and is registered to vote, VOTE on Nov. 4. I have all my things ready for when I go on Tuesday. If I have to, I'll take the day off from School. I don't know WHY we have class on that day because I personally believe that most importantly, college students should have the day off so they could vote. Who knows how long the lines may be at the polling place? What if people just don't go because they're pre-occupied with missing class? I've already missed two days for my Tuesday classes and if I miss another one I'll get a warning but you know that?


So don't be afraid and ask your professors the day off fellow college students! If you work, ask for the day off. If I had a car or a means of transportation I would so be in Pennsylvania or Ohio right now. 'Cause I would've loved to be part of the experience. I wouldn't even care if I got punched in the face like that one lady from Wisconsin who was canvassing. I'd just punch the guy right back as self-defense but I digress...



Also, McCain has lost his goddamn mind and Sarah Palin is insane. Why anyone is voting for them makes my mind go "karpaffle!". 

And now, I leave you with a picture of a baby dressed up as a Taco for halloween:


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 Happy Birthday to meeeee.

Happy Birthday to meeee.

I'm half-way to turning 40!

Happy Birthday to meee. 

I am no longer a teenager (20 yrs old) and I'm one year away from turning 21 and getting drunk at bars. Woo-hoo~!

Muy Interesante!
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It's a Spanish Obama Ad

With Obama speaking in Spanish!


Now, all I need is to hear Joe Biden speak in Spanish and my life will be a bit more complete. Let's see John McCain or Sarah Palin speak Spanish! I bet they wouldn't sound as awesome as Barack does.

Also, only a week and a few days until my Birthday, YAY! I'm gonna be 20 and it doesn't even feel like it. I just hope that this year's birthday isn't as depressing as last years. ):

Speaking of birthday, I want THIS:

So I can be geeky wherever I go!

ALSO! Who are you guys going to be for Halloween? I'm gonna be Zatanna Zatara from the Justice League.


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